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Feline Vaccination Protocols

Feline Core Vaccines

Feline core vaccines are those for which diseases are widely distributed and/or have high mortality or morbidity. These vaccines are required for all feline patients of the Boston Heights Veterinary Hospital.

Rhinotracheitis, calici virus, panleukopenia make up the standard “3-way distemper vaccine” for cats.


  • Highly contagious
  • Present nearly everywhere
  • Exposure can result simply by opening a window to the house
  • Can cause severe respiratory disease including ulcers of the corneas
  • Many young cats lose vision permanently
  • May progress into pneumonia

Calici Virus

  • Highly contagious
  • Causes severe nasal, ocular and oral ulcerations
  • Can be so severe that the cat will be unable to eat and will perish without extreme supportive care


  • Highly contagious
  • Persists in the environment
  • Similar to parvovirus (parvo) in dogs
  • Causes debilitating bloody diarrhea
  • Destroys the white blood cells
  • Affected cats often die quickly from sepsis (infection of the blood)

Vaccine Schedule:

  • Kittens receive initial vaccine as young as 6 weeks of age
  • Boosters are given monthly
  • Final [kitten] booster is given at 3+ months of age
  • Kittens receive a total of 2-3 vaccines depending on age when initial vaccine is given
  • Additional boosters are given annually


  • In cats and humans, rabies is a uniformly fatal infection
  • Passed through the saliva into bites or scratches from an infected animal
  • Bats, skunks and raccoons are the most common carriers of this disease

Vaccine Schedule:

  • Kittens are vaccinated no earlier than 3 months of age
  • Boosters are given 1 year later and then every 3 years thereafter

Feline Non Core Vaccines

Non core vaccines are given on a case by case basis based on potential exposure. These include feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, and ringworm.


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